Desktop Goodies


Anatomically correct.

Are you ready to get the wind up?

I spy…

The road (or track) less traveled…

You have the right to remain silent:

Aw, I bet my roommate has had to do this for me…introvert that I am.

I’m not sure why, but I kind of like this. I think it would look great with other species.

Ah, innovation for the skinny girl. I’ll take mine extra pointy, so it doubles as a weapon.

Actually, I think I can “weight” a little…

Til I eat a few of these…

I always renovate my house in an evening gown.

And just so you leave this blog a little smarter today:


4 Responses to “Desktop Goodies”

  1. phairhead Says:

    “It’ll Whop Ya!”

    that guy painting book looks like Dr. Demento

  2. i love the beautiful art work!

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