Desktop Goodies 7/8

Let’s start with some murderous intent, shall we?

Deus ex Machina.

Because you wouldn’t want to trouble yourself…

I’ll say:

Love this guy. He needs to go on a pendant with the kaiju (bottom of the page if you click here).

Oh Vincent Price, did you fall on some hard times?

Is the fire customary? Or did “Ivy Pete and the Limbomaniacs” go the extra mile here?

You know what this grill needs? More hot dogs.

This is just too much (fun) for my brain to process at once:

A little comic from a collection of “sad animals” sent by my wonderful friend/reader/contributor Jim. It made me laugh out loud.

Clearly, this fellow needs to take a lesson from Li’l Brudder the one-legged dog (whom I proudly wear on a T-shirt from my best friend). He’s a champion.

And now for a couple of art pieces…

A new Ron English piece I’m somewhat fond of:

Beautiful photo by Sabina Tabakovic:

More things…


I adore this picture.

Thomas Edison looking more badass than you, me or anyone we know.

New from Pixar! (via Dan Meth who will surely get a feature post here soon)

4 Responses to “Desktop Goodies 7/8”

  1. Lil Brudder! The heart of a champion!

    I love the rappers.

  2. “Thomas Edison looking more badass than you, me or anyone we know.”

    Edison was a poser. Tesla was the true badass.

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