Sketchy Bunnies Part 2

Another installment of Sketchy Bunnies.

This looks alarmingly…pre-abduction.


I can’t pinpoint exactly what this reminds me of, but it’s uncomfortable.

*Gasp* The Great Rabbit Overlord!

This is what happens when you cross the Great Rabbit Overlord.

I don’t recommend touching this guy’s stash of uppers.

Yeah, unfortunately everything sags a little with age.

“It’s my lazy eye, isn’t it? You’re looking at my lazy eye.”

Even the child is incredulous.

Screw the Easter Bunny. BACON is where it’s at!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!


One Response to “Sketchy Bunnies Part 2”

  1. SandySays1 Says:

    Oh yeah! A real Rogues Gallery of the notorious EBs. All the kids seemed to take the various outfits in stride – no screams, cartiac attacks, loaded diapers, etc. Well after another look a couple of the rug-rats look a little distressed. Particularly, the one with the saggy maggie’s. A good caption might read, “I promise to be good next year if you don’t come back.”

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