Desktop Goodies 4/19

(But in my case, 2011 has certainly tried so far!)

Brings new meaning to the phrase “my better half:”

…and new meaning to “a meeting of minds:”

I should definitely do this with my hip-length hair. Now, how to craft a faucet accessory…

Mystery solved!

Best typo of the month…and top of my destination list if it’s true. Where do heavy meals line the urban roadsides? Bring me to the land of meatloaf trees and pizza flowers!

I’d also like to go to this coffee shop:

Best cake inscription of the month:

Happy birthday! “Rats off to you!” (You know this sickly looking thing has red velvet cake innards)

Or for another unique birthday idea (not recommended):

I want one of these.

I find this photo incredibly haunting.

I love this image.


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