Desktop Goodies: Holiday Edition

A little gem from one of the masterminds at Unusual Life.

I have an odd love of “Santa in space” themed illustrations (as you can see here).


Amazing design from Mike Mitchell:

Look at the wood grain effect on this gingerbread house!

A vintage Krampus picture that is new to my collection this year:

When Christmas comes…without joy:

Ah, the ghosts of cleanings past…

For the Trekkies:

Finally, card that gets at the true meaning of Christmas:


I have to admit that I find this pretty hilarious…and not just because I’m a Crazy Cat Lady in training:

This belongs somewhere in the Holiday Hair Hall of Fame:

Say what you will about Disney, but those Imagineers put together one hell of a light display on It’s a Small World:

Sense of direction is not always my strong point, but I’m fairly certain this card is geographically inaccurate:

I can almost hear a tiny chorus of voices…“I’m melting…meeeeeeelting…oh, what a world…”

3 Responses to “Desktop Goodies: Holiday Edition”

  1. I love “Desktop Goodies”, Krampus and space suit Santas…so, all in all, a good evening!
    I believe, somehow, this is how I originally stumbled upon “She Walks Softly” last year…some post about Soviet Space Santas(?) or something, and I was like, “What?”

  2. This link is right up your alley…Christmas-themed Galaxy Magazine covers from the ’50’s.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      So sorry for the delayed comment response. I saw that collection of Galaxy mags on another site and voraciously hoarded all the images in my “Vintage Xmas” folder. Hehe…

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