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This is exactly how I’ll be preparing my holiday dinner.

Magic Carpet

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I find something about this tiny rug quite sweet and endearing.

Dream big, little carpet!


Ed Emshwiller: Christmas Covers

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Golden Age Comic Book Stories has an awesome collection of sci-fi Christmas illustrated covers by Ed Emshwiller.

Space helmets on reindeer!

I love this series so much. See the rest here.

Marzipan Babies

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I apologize if this is in poor taste during such a warm, festive time of year. But I’m pretty floored by these edible marzipan babies.

Yes, these creepy little confections are made of sugar and almond meal. Not sure I could bring myself to eat one…


The LOST Underground Art Show

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Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight in LA now has a large of exhibit of art inspired by the TV show Lost.

Even though I don’t follow the series, I enjoyed looking at some of these pieces. I’d imagine they are extra enjoyable for die hard fans of the show.

See the rest of the exhibit here.

The Nurse

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Smack in the middle of Christmas crafting, I randomly made this. Vintage paper doll, a book of ghost stories yellowed with age…

I was thrilled to send it to my lovely doppelganger Sarah, along with my wishes of holiday cheer, of course.

And if you feel like hearing a nice, mildly baffling song about a nurse, here’s a great cover of the Failure song “The Nurse Who Loved Me.”

Skull Brite

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Where is my childhood Lite Brite? I wish I could do this…