Marzipan Babies

I apologize if this is in poor taste during such a warm, festive time of year. But I’m pretty floored by these edible marzipan babies.

Yes, these creepy little confections are made of sugar and almond meal. Not sure I could bring myself to eat one…



12 Responses to “Marzipan Babies”

  1. Yes..i would love to eat the babies!

  2. 0.0 damn that’s creepy.

  3. Ok. This makes me uncomfortable lol I think the first bite would be difficult, but after that I think the evil pleasure would take over.

  4. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW – I think these are even worse than the edible baby cakes on CakeWrecks because in one big bite, you can take off a head.

  5. I am thoroughly horrified, thank you 🙂

  6. i can’t even look at these without getting chills. i’m officially creeped-out!

  7. Sooo scary.

  8. yikes…truly bizarre; too much free time on someone’s hands ? creepy and delish

  9. Margarita Hernandez Says:

    I am so amazed by your talent! I wouldn’t mind learning how to make these sweet things. Now I don’t think I could eat one they are so adorable I would rather keep them as keepsakes. Thank you for sharing your awesome talent! 🙂

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