Here’s a little grab bag of random things I came across…

Were people really this glowing and happy decades ago?

If you haven’t made a habit of browsing vintage holiday ads the way I have, you might be surprised at the proliferation of firearms.

Ah yes, peace and goodwill toward mankind…isn’t this the true embodiment of the season?

This is my favorite; the basis of yearly holiday photos this time around (no, that’s not my real hair).

Bet you didn’t know orange was a Christmas color. Love the TWO sets of quotation marks, too.

Now this is a gift I would have wanted:

And here’s a gift for the ladies that hovers somewhere between a daisy and a medieval torture device:

Love this shirt from Kawaii Not:

Now for some sexiness…


2 Responses to “Christmiscellany”

  1. oooh… that Smith Corona would have been on my list to Santa too!

  2. nice work , love all of them , thank u 🙂

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