Serving in Santa

I never quite understood the human drive to serve things in Santa heads, yet there has always been a decent market for the decapitated icon.

Most of the mugs and punch bowls I’ve seen have an eerie cold, dead look in their eyes. Why?


Some even have a sickly “overdose” kind of look…

What SPECIES is this one?

At least this vintage one look happier, if not a bit surprised.

I had collected a bunch of these images on my hard drive, but a few are from this awesome site dedicated entirely to Santa mugs.

9 Responses to “Serving in Santa”

  1. Great visual images on this blog, will have to RSS you!! You definitely have an artist’s eye, and you appreciate kitsch!! How fun …

  2. Holy Crap!! We had a collection of the one you asked about its species!! That both takes me back and creeps me the hell out!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Got any photos you can send? 😉

      • Not yet, I immediately sent a message to my folks asking if they still have those mugs….and I messed up, the ones we had (or have) were the ones right above the “species” one, the one with squinted eyes….I got confused which one you were referring to in your post.

  3. FYI, the “species” mug is quite similar to one from a popular ceramics distributors Holt-Howard:

    It is also similar to one from Morton ceramics:

    Is it crazy that I know this??

    Happy Holidays :-]

  4. How do I buy the last one pictured? Thanks!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      These come from someone’s personal collection (or photo submissions to the site I linked to). Unfortunately, I don’t know where one can purchase them. Sorry!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    @Maureen, these links are to an informational blog I created about the Santa Mugs. But, you can find the mugs on eBay. In fact, right now there is a nice punch bowl and mugs set in this pattern up for sale for $50 (can’t afford it myself, although I wish I could since I don’t have it). This mug is not marked “Morton”, although some folks know it is from them. Some folks claim is is from McCoy, since it has the same heavy pottery and high-polished glaze. It is sometimes marked “USA” under the handle on the backside of the mug. Good luck, check out my facebook group for collectors for additional pics (search santa mugs on facebook and there are two groups). Have fun collecting!!

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