The Odd Portrait

I just received a very special custom piece from The Odd Portrait: a wrist cuff engraved with a phrase that holds deep meaning for me.


Solve et Coagula is Latin for “dissolve and rebuild.” It is an ancient term that represents complete alchemical transformation, mind body and spirit. After spending 20 years increasingly occupying beds and hospitals with misdiagnosed health issues, a couple of months ago I was finally diagnosed with a genetic immune disorder for which the treatment involves injecting a substance to break down my own tissue and following it with a substance to rebuild my immune system. It is literally a process of Solve et Coagula! But the emotional, mental and spiritual alchemy of this illness has been far more striking. I now have a beautiful reminder (which I’ll wear to treatment!) when I have trouble motivating myself to keep shooting for recovery.


As for the other designs you’ll find on the site, influences include “80’s punk and glam to 90’s grunge and rock n roll. Outdoor music festivals, urban graffiti art, and post apocalyptic dystopian movies.” I love the spirit and independence of this shop!

rock n roll spiked leather fashion

rock n roll spiked leather fashion

The Odd Portrait was founded when the creators got tired of selling factory made jewelry with huge seller fees and limited creativity. They went their own way, and now every piece is handmade and unique! No two are ever exactly the same. My kind of rebels.


Check out The Odd Portrait!


4 Responses to “The Odd Portrait”

  1. So…not Lyme? Or also Lyme? Here’s hoping your holidays are as woe-free as possible, enough for you to enjoy. Thank you for the pleasurable horizon-expanding artwork you share with us throughout the year!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      It’s a one-two punch. Genetic immune disease with a number of bug borne pathogens on top of it (which would explain why I’ve been nearly bedbound for years!). Unfortunately, we can’t treat Lyme/co-infections until we build my immune system a bit. Without an immune system to work with antibiotics, one gets resistant strains of bacteria that are even harder to treat! What a journey. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you finally got a diagnosis which has a possible resolution. Will be sending positive thoughts for your recovery, Sara.x

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