LaliBlue creates adorable three dimensional necklaces featuring beloved fairy tale characters and other original creatures.

So much depth in a tiny piece!

The shop description says :
Handmade, childhood memories, classic tales, romantic jewelry, women’s accessories, vintage decor, tenderness,dreams, fantasy, dolls, circus, magic, dioramas … All this and much more will you find.

I love Pinocchio in the belly of the whale…

Alice falling down a rabbit hole…

And Miss Cauliflower (my favorite original piece!)



5 Responses to “LaliBlue”

  1. I’m sure “adorable” is seldom an appropriate description of a necklace but it’s completely right for these beauties!

  2. So beautiful! Very unique!

  3. johnkutensky Says:

    I think The Little Mermaid is my favorite. They’re so beautiful!

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