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Antique Melodramatic Shakespearean Actor Portraits

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Atlas Obscura Just posted a feature on “gloriously melodramatic” Shakespearean actor portraits dating back over a Century ago.


Studio portraits were self-promotional tools which often depicted actors in a dramatic pose, against a backdrop of scenery. This may be my favorite I’ve seen (tied with the one above):


While some of them are humorous, they do serve the purpose of demonstrating an actor is capable of the exaggerated expressions necessary to convey emotion from a stage (or grainy film).

The male character portraits seem more entertainingly dramatic, but you can see some ladies over at Atlas Obscura too.

Documentary of the Week: Finder’s Keepers

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I watched a rather unconventional but excellent documentary the other night: Finder’s Keepers.


From Rotten Tomatoes:
Recovering addict and amputee John Wood finds himself in a stranger-than-fiction battle to reclaim his mummified leg from Southern entrepreneur Shannon Whisnant, who found it in a grill he bought at an auction and believes it to therefore be his rightful property.


I wish I had taken screenshots during many of the news headlines during this film. It was absolutely hilarious, but not without substance and depth of human feeling. I recommend it. Watch the trailer:

Desktop Goodies 4/10

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Let’s start with some sea inspired fashion…


And a gorgeous octopus ice sculpture:

A stunning still frame.

I like the way this woman thinks. Pizza will never break your heart.

A beautiful soul is made of rabbits.

Oh thank you, Rachel, for this…and your other invaluable contributions to this post.

index (2)

I’m sure it’s happening somewhere…

Traveling in style.

I approve of this progression.

Yep, it’s a wig made of countless earbuds on strings…for people who want to have listening parties and don’t care about personal space.

Who remembers this?

All of my outfits are based on various diaphonized specimens. Fashion at its finest.

Dyngus Day

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Have you noticed that humans are strange creatures? Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in our rituals and traditions. Take Dyngus Day, for example; an Easter Monday Polish holiday on which boys throw water on girls they like and hit them with pussy willows.


According to tradition, they sneak into girls’ homes at dawn and drench them while they’re still in bed. The screaming girl is sometimes dragged to the river for a dunking afterward. The water might be accompanied by a rhyme, such as Dyngus, dyngus, po dwa jaja; nie chce chleba tylko jaja (“Dyngus, dyngus, for two eggs; I don’t want bread, only eggs”). Apparently, painted eggs can be given as ransom to avoid a serious dousing.


The Wiki page is filled with fabulously unironic sentences that are a treat to read. “This [the dousing] is accompanied by a number of other rituals, such as making verse declarations and holding door-to-door processions, in some regions involving boys dressed as bears.”

On Easter Tuesday, girls take their revenge by throwing plates and crockery at the boys (well, that’s what’s supposed to happen, but in reality both sexes tend to just drench each other on Monday…which might be for the best because flying plates can do some damage).


Read more here.

Thanks, B, for introducing me to this!

Desktop Goodies 3/10

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Let’s take a moment to ogle the beauty of nature…


For some reason, people feel slightly uneasy in this chair.

A tad crass…but definitely my favorite faux Rand McNally cover:

Couldn’t they have thought of more appetizing adjectives than “semi-liquids?” I suppose it beats “lumpy, congealed and vomitous.”

Dana, Don’t make a joke about this car being cheesy…Don’t make a joke about this car being cheesy…Resist!

Did anyone have this as a kid? It looks awesome.

How can I get my hands on this book? This woman absolutely has life figured out.

Incredible building of unknown origin.

Gorgeous modern interpretation of Danse Macabre!

The old one was no fun at all…

A children’s book illustration. I’m sure no one had nightmares or anything.

The Best Worst (and Worst Worst) Sweatshirt

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We’ve covered The Best Worst Shirt Ever (it really delivers in person). But are you ready for The Best Worst SWEATshirt ever?

BEHOLD! The ZLYC Women’s Dazzle Geometric Cat Print Sweatshirt:



I rarely wear bright clothing, but I might make an exception for this, if I take a sufficient dose of Dramamine first. The reviews are in:


And then there’s this sweatshirt, for which I still can’t figure out the target demographic.

But it sure does complement one’s neck tattoo.

So lifelike!

Valentine’s Day Roundup

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Time is getting away from me lately with the fundraiser, so I’m making up for it by posting a collection of Valentine goodies.

Ransom and Mitchell: Dearly Beloved

24 Stuffed Creatures for Your Offbeat Valentine


Bleeding Hearts


Ron English: Peace, Love and Understanding


Printable Math and Science Valentines


Oh, she’ll be surprised:

Vinegar Valentines

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I could have sworn I posted these before, but they don’t turn up in the archives, so I suppose I just collected them years ago in a mad frenzy of right-clicking like I’m so often wont to do.


Vinegar Valentines were a great way to anonymously troll someone before the advent of the Internet (though arguably trolling had a lot more poetic flare circa 1840-1940 when these artistic tools of debasement were in circulation). There were Vinegar Valentines to suit many types and occasions.

For that annoying PDA couple:

The domineering gold digger:

The Cassanova:

The shrill neurotic:

The showoff:

The subtle slithering specimen:

These are clearly tame compared to modern insults, but one aspect of humanity consistent throughout the ages is that the Shadow side makes itself known. It should be a rule that trolls must provide a colorful handmade illustration with every hateful comment they leave (this would most likely cut down on the amount of “OMG ur so UgLy…gO dIe!” statements on perfectly nice YouTube videos).

See more at Collectors Weekly.

The Football Dance (I Love Melvin, 1953)

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Many thanks to the lovely Rachel for the perfect Superbowl Sunday link (not for actual football fans, of course).

This incredible clip of prancing footballers and a leotard-clad Debbie Reynolds playing a football is from the 1953 musical I Love Melvin. The New York Times claimed this “musical comedy contrivance is almost too liberal for words.” You be the judge.

Desktop Goodies 2/2

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You realize what happened here: this bird was killed, only to be zoomorphized into a bastardized version of itself in a stupid hat. Talk about adding insult to injury.



I’m completely entranced by this piece, yet can’t find an artist credit anywhere. Ideas? If no one knows…it’s obviously an alien cell phone.

Parenthetical note:

Excellent…I like strong coffee; strong enough to make my head blast clear off my body.

I almost cropped out the caption because it’s so clear that this thing originated from a very unholy place that it just seems redundant.

Isn’t this all our monsters ever really want? (No really, think about it.)

I searched, in gleeful hope, for a vintage TV commercial featuring Drippy the Runny Nose Kid. But alas, no record of one exists. Sorry I couldn’t deliver this thing in action (or maybe I should be saying “you’re welcome”).

1) Reading books about death becomes considerably more difficult.

I find this photo incredibly haunting. It actually stirs up a visceral unease.

Yes, some might consider the following a deal breaker. She seems open minded. The horse (or…man-horse?), not so much.

Your fist becomes a real face.

The truth of how brains really work, unveiled. SCIENCE!