The Best Worst Shirt Ever

A loved one introduced me to a term he and a friend coined many years ago: The Wrap Around. Essentially, when something is so incredibly, mind-blowingly bad that it becomes utterly fantastic…it “wraps around” (yes, we’ve all heard “so bad it’s good” but I feel The Wrap Around is a tidier, more effective term for the phenomenon).

The BEST example I’ve seen in ages of something that clearly wraps around is the The Mountain Fall Kitty Tee.


Soak in every detail (right down to the color coordinated scarf). I’ll wait.



Note: Fall Kitty is 100% irony free and contains 0% self awareness.

It’s perfection in every single way except for the fact that it doesn’t come in my size. I believe it starts in a men’s medium.

I’d venture to say I’d never be caught dead with a man who would NOT wear this shirt.

The Mountain Fall Kitty Tee


14 Responses to “The Best Worst Shirt Ever”

  1. Sorry, did you say something? I couldn’t concentrate for gazing into that T-shirt.

  2. That website is a treasure trove, thank you! I especially like the tee that says “A paper cut is a tree’s last revenge.

  3. What a beautiful catastrophe!

  4. I like it almost as much as Three Wolf Moon. Almost.

  5. shewalkssoftly Says:

    Marc, I definitely will!

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