Femke Hiemstra

How have I never posted about Femke Hiemstra in all the years I’ve been following her work?

Femke Hiemstra 1

She’s one of the greatest in pop surrealism’s large pool of imaginative, “anthropomorphizers” (that’s absolutely not a word, but it should be). Femke has a background in illustration, so we encounter typography and other hints of illustrative technique mixed with beautifully executed fine art.
Femke Hiemstra 2

She doesn’t use social networking, which find incredible in this day and age (I’m notoriously awful at social networking. I cannot keep up with it because my head is always in other things. I can’t help but admire those willing to ignore the phenomenon completely).
Femke Hiemstra 3

You can read a good interview over at WOWxWOW.
Femke Hiemstra 4

Femke Hiemstra


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