Eduard Wiiralt

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Quick post…two incredible pieces by Eduard Wiiralt found on Monster Brains.



Kelly Louise Judd

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I saved so many images from Kelly Louise Judd’s portfolio. I just could not stop.


Her delicate paintings are inspired by fairy tales, folklore, ghosts, psychology, nature and Victoriana.


One finds many beautiful beasts and symbols in her work…


Kelly Louise Judd

Robin Van Valkenburgh

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Robin Van Valkenburgh makes what she calls “pop surreal ceramics.”


Many of these inspire a sense of nostalgia in me, while catering to my love of the absurd (beloved childhood characters mix with traditional ceramic creatures and shapes).




Robin Van Valkenburgh
Etsy Shop

Fabulous Cat Papers

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Fabulous Cat Papers carries gorgeous handmade embroidered notebooks with all kinds of perfectly geeky themes (heavily focused on anatomy and science).


I’d having trouble choosing just one of these (and I have an odd habit of “saving” really nice notebooks and leaving them blank because they are are art pieces!).




Fabulous Cat Papers

Preview of Camille Rose Garcia’s “Phantasmacabre”

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Camille Rose Garcia is back with another breathtaking solo show at Corey Helford Gallery, opening July 16th.


It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen her work in person, but it’s really a sight to behold.


Her paintings (often very large scale) transport you into a psychedelic wonderland of dark, sickly sweet delights.



Be sure to catch the show if you can!

Corey Helford Gallery

Igor Maykov

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I couldn’t find much biographical information on Latvian surrealist painter Igor Maikov but he has some fabulous paintings. This one is by far my favorite. I cannot stop looking at it.

Igor Maikov 1966 - Russian painter - Tutt'Art@ (8)

He’s quite adept at achieving a kind of soft luminosity in his work.
Igor Maikov 1966 - Russian painter - Tutt'Art@ (4)

But has the ability to create more striking, vivid portraiture as well.
Igor Maikov 1966 - Russian painter - Tutt'Art@ (6)

Ah, may all our angels and demons make peace and toast together.
Igor Maikov 1966 - Russian painter - Tutt'Art@ (32)

Igor Maikov

Neal Murren

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Neal Murren works with pen, pencil, paint and Photoshop to make wild, surreal collages of fantasy and fairy tale worlds.


One feels far down the rabbit hole when looking at these images, where the laws of physics and nature impose no constraints on the inhabitants.


His elaborate typography work is stunning as well.

Neal Murren


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