Halloween Countdown: House (Hausu), 1977

In the history of this blog, I don’t think I’ve ever had more to say about the topic of a post than I do about about the movie House (Hausu).


The film company approached director Nobuhiko Obayashi about making a film similar to Jaws. And he did…if Jaws were about the horror laden psychedelic journey of 7 giggling Japanese schoolgirls visiting a cannibal recluse and her demonic witch-cat. Did I mention the girls are named Gorgeous, Fantasy, Kung Fu, Melody, Mac, Prof and Sweet?


They proceed to get devoured one by one in the most absurdist fashion imaginable (well, nothing about this movie is actually “imaginable.” It clearly sprang forth from the deepest wellspring of the director’s haunted unconscious). It’s not just as if the movie were made by someone on acid, but as if the movie itself then came alive…and took acid.


I’ll be going back and creating a GIANT album of incredible screen shots from the film (the ones online don’t do any justice), but I needed to share this with you guys immediately.


Believe it or not, I’m put off by a lot of “weird for the sake of weird” films. But this is some next level awesomeness. I hesitate to discuss my favorite scenes because I’m holding each and every one of you accountable for seeing this film, and I don’t want to spoil the fun surprises, which come roughly every 6 seconds.


Yes, that image above is indeed a flying Kung Fu kick from a dismembered lower half of a human body.

Are you running to find this movie yet?


8 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: House (Hausu), 1977”

  1. How could you forget Prof! And so well stereotypes with her round glasses. Anyone out there reading this… see this film immediately! It is insane, incredible, and unlike anything you’ve ever before seen on film!! (And thank you, Dana, for recommending it!)

  2. It was like a horror version of Sesame St. Although I did like Blanche the cat, who made that guy fall down the stairs and get his butt stuck in a bucket so he missed the train and had to drive to the Aunts house, only to find he’d arrived too late and that he prefers bananas to watermelon.

    So, I guess it kind of reminded me of Jaws, NAWT!

  3. Hah! I just bookmarked this movie last night! What a coinkey-dink!

  4. caspa'al the friendly ghost Says:

    Good noodles!

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