Halloween Countdown: Monster Vitamins (Starring Vincent Price)

Vincent Price’s voice can make absolutely anything sound ominous with a twist of undeniable sophistication, as evidenced by this 1974 commercial for children’s vitamins.


Some might say he “sold out” with product endorsements like these. But I think he knew how (comically) amazing various products would be with his iconic presence behind them. I like to believe he enjoyed the irony.




If you’re feeling particularly masochistic today, you can listen to one side of the “Monster Vitamins Record.” But…you’ve been warned.



4 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Monster Vitamins (Starring Vincent Price)”

  1. Oh, that brings back such memories. My mom, a total vitamin freak, would never buy those for me, she didn’t believe they were real vitamins, but all the other moms in the neighborhood had them for their kids. In other words, it was a most effective ad campaign.

    My favorite was Screaming Mee Mee, because Mee Mee was my grandmother’s name, and my father said the character was based on her.

    Sigh! Childhood in the monstrous 1970’s.

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