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The Best Cookie on Earth

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‘Nuff said.

Science Valentines

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I’ve had these stored on my computer for a while now. I absolutely love these ultra-geeky science Valentines.

Sorry I no longer have the sources!

To be honest, I had a whole slew of Valentine material to post, but I’m not much in the mood for it. Maybe I’ll do a late post…or wait until next year.

Whatever form love may take in your life today, I hope you’re all enjoying it!

Regretsy Valentine’s Day Favorites

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Here are a few Regretsy favorites to commemorate the special day tomorrow.

This card evokes profound gratitude in me…because I know I will not be receiving anything remotely like it. And that’s a beautiful feeling.

I really don’t like to poke fun at anyone’s craft skills (or lack thereof) because I’m the first to admit that not all of my projects are winners, but…this closely resembles my nursery school Valentine efforts.

I wasn’t ready to see this next one. Go ahead and read the description, then click on the uncensored version if you dare.

Meat Heart

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Has anyone actually seen these meaty expressions of love in supermarkets this week? Not a bad thing to cook up for your favorite carnivore as a Valentine.


Valentine Recap

Posted in valentine's day with tags on February 13, 2010 by shewalkssoftly

I just remembered that I did “Love Week” on this blog last year as Valentine’s Day approached. Not sure why I didn’t think to do that again this time around (I do have some holiday oddities to post). But here’s a recap of last year’s highlights if you missed them:

Sea Squirts
Skull Candy Box
Shortbread Tech Hearts
Elizabeth McGrath’s Butcher Knives
Will It Blend?
Depressing Times Greetings
Industrial Hearts
Paul Graves Balloon Sculptures
Heart of Glass

Brian Ewing Valentine

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Best Valentine creation I’ve seen this year: a collaboration between Brian Ewing and Crankbunny.

It’s a pop-up, scratch-off card!

The writing on the inside is customizable.

Brian Ewing

Crewest Gallery Valentine Charity

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In addition to Robots and Monsters, I also came across the Crewest Gallery Valentine’s Day Card project, designed to provide a handmade card for every child in the Childrens’ Hospital, LA.

I’d really like to organize something like this for one of my local hospitals. Maybe not even for a holiday. Just because.

Original call for artists
Source (with participating artist list)

Love Week: Heart of…Glass?

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I have no information about this image, but I think it’s a lovely way to finish up my theme week.


May you all have infinite love and happiness in your lives!

Love Week: Paul Graves Balloon Scultpures

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Paul Graves takes balloon sculpting into a whole new arena. Remember being impressed with a balloon dog or mouse as a kid? Well hang onto your hats…


I love this sculpture so much. My only regret is its inevitable deflation.


See an amazing collection of Graves’ balloon sculptures here.

Artist site (homepage image may not be work safe).

Love Week: Valentine’s Day Megapost

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Love Week went by very quickly, and I’m left with a bunch of things I meant to post. So here they are, with minimal explanation.


Chocolate skulls…


This post from Let Them Eat Cake has some of the greatest chocolate skulls I’ve seen.

Bleeding Heart Cupcakes

Gummy Anatomic Heart

And now some Love Carrots…



Geekalicious Reutersvard inspired heart (Source)

For the knitters.

Paper Ribcage with Heart (one of my favorite Valentine crafts this year).

Lego Heart Mosaic

Just an art piece I find striking (from here)








I’ll finish up with one of my favorite passages on Love. Kahlil Gibran has some deeply moving words on the subject. Read them HERE.