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Mainzer Cats

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I think many of us have at some point seen an image sampled from a vintage Alfred Mainzer Cat postcard (Mainzer was the publisher; the images were painted by Swiss artist Eugen Hurtung).

Recognize the style? Oddly anthropomorphic felines placed in distinctly human situations…

Often, chaos arises.

Ah…they’re incorrigible (I am currently watching a cat in her sixth consecutive hour of napping and increasingly doubting feline willingness to pick up a drill and engage in construction work).

I may send this as my next “get well” greeting:

Some are appropriate for party invitations:

Just wanted to pay tribute to this seminal slice of kitsch history. I captured my images from Card Cow but there is a more official collector site here. Does anyone have originals?

Easter Roundup

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Easter is high atop the list of holidays I don’t celebrate, but I do love the yearly reemergence of Cadbury Creme Eggs. This image comes from an online game Cadbury launched this season (it needs to me aimed at my mouth).


From Bob Doucette:

Lovely little bunnies from Ron English:

I spotted this rabbit on speed in a grocery store (note the oddly placed block of cheese next to him. Did he steal it in an amphetamine rampage?):

A bunch of bunnies by Frijol Boy:

This one’s a meat eater:

And this one is…like me:

Two by Nicoletta Ceccoli:

Double sweetness:

This is what you will dream after too much Easter candy:

No comments necessary.

Just a happy day in the garden…

Not sure I understand what they were going for with this military theme.

Love the Easter Witch!

And here’s a bit of nostalgia…

I feel awkward looking at this:

HAREdo! Get it? Get it?

Happy Easter…we’re halfway to Halloween!

Desktop Goodies: Holiday Edition

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A little gem from one of the masterminds at Unusual Life.

I have an odd love of “Santa in space” themed illustrations (as you can see here).


Amazing design from Mike Mitchell:

Look at the wood grain effect on this gingerbread house!

A vintage Krampus picture that is new to my collection this year:

When Christmas comes…without joy:

Ah, the ghosts of cleanings past…

For the Trekkies:

Finally, card that gets at the true meaning of Christmas:


I have to admit that I find this pretty hilarious…and not just because I’m a Crazy Cat Lady in training:

This belongs somewhere in the Holiday Hair Hall of Fame:

Say what you will about Disney, but those Imagineers put together one hell of a light display on It’s a Small World:

Sense of direction is not always my strong point, but I’m fairly certain this card is geographically inaccurate:

I can almost hear a tiny chorus of voices…“I’m melting…meeeeeeelting…oh, what a world…”

Wind Up Dreams and Vinyl Nightmares

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Christmas came early for me this year, in the form of a truly awesome series of collector’s edition postcards from Wind Up Dreams and Vinyl Nightmares.

I think I’m going to have them framed because I doubt I could actually part with them and send them off as regular postcards.

Some of you may recall my previous post about John Purlia’s haven of incredible kitch and ephemera. He has put together some of my favorite photos of vintage toys and assorted goodies.

John’s Etsy store features a variety of prints ranging from reasonably priced glossy photos to limited edition collectors items.

In addition, I’m thrilled to welcome Wind Up Dreams and Vinyl Nightmares as a SheWalksSoftly sponsor (check out the nifty sidebar link)! It’s really my pleasure to promote artists whose work I enjoy so much.

Visit the website and the Etsy site.

Desktop Goodies

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The image above…perhaps designed to be mildly unsettling…is nowhere NEAR as unsettling as this (originally un-ironic) piece of Thrift Horror:

Quite possibly my favorite comic panel of the month:

Now onto a little anatomy…

Nice legs…

If I had the proverbial “thinking cap,” I might want it to look a bit like this:

And speaking of thinking…perhaps “brain bats” are a great descriptive metaphor for certain mental states.

In my humble opinion, “vacation hair” may be among the least of his problems.

Fish heads, fish heads…

That photo reminds me of this extremely surreal video:

And now to cater to my love of flying squirrels (can anyone really be unmoved by this degree of sweet awesomeness?)…

This post brought to you by meat.

Desktop Goodies 8/9

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A cautionary tale about alcohol…

Three cheers for perfect parenting! Go ahead and shrink wrap ’em while you’re at it…

Stylish advancement in head and body gear:

You don’t see the winning combo of cookies and guns widely offered anymore.

An existential dilemma:

Someone may be gravely injured…very soon.

I actually have a postcard copy of this somewhere.

This post brought to you by the Conference of Ms. Satan.

Misc. Desk Toppers

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Since I’m a bit of an image junkie (okay, a tremendous image junkie), my desktop is always filled with random pictures that struck my fancy during Internet perusals. I try to offload them daily because they pile up fast.

Here are a few lurking there right now, waiting to be filed.

This one’s getting me in the mood for an upcoming trip to Maine:

Check it out. A Krampus named “Walter” (I don’t care that it’s out of season):

And a treat from Thrifthorror…orthropedic high heels? Yes, someone manufactured this design. If anyone can find the Bumpers brand shoe site responsible, please share!