Wind Up Dreams and Vinyl Nightmares

Christmas came early for me this year, in the form of a truly awesome series of collector’s edition postcards from Wind Up Dreams and Vinyl Nightmares.

I think I’m going to have them framed because I doubt I could actually part with them and send them off as regular postcards.

Some of you may recall my previous post about John Purlia’s haven of incredible kitch and ephemera. He has put together some of my favorite photos of vintage toys and assorted goodies.

John’s Etsy store features a variety of prints ranging from reasonably priced glossy photos to limited edition collectors items.

In addition, I’m thrilled to welcome Wind Up Dreams and Vinyl Nightmares as a SheWalksSoftly sponsor (check out the nifty sidebar link)! It’s really my pleasure to promote artists whose work I enjoy so much.

Visit the website and the Etsy site.

2 Responses to “Wind Up Dreams and Vinyl Nightmares”

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  2. holy cow these shots are AMAZING, also i think i have a total girl crush on the gorgeous lady in these pics! those tats, her style, the gssales and her rockabilly hair?! jealous!

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