Halloween Countdown: Peeping Thomas Vampire

Welcome to the Halloween Countdown! I couldn’t wait to post this window decoration from Victorian Trading Co. But I found the link was gone, and the original Peeping Thomas product had been replaced with a Peeping Thomas “vampire.” I feel it’s a major downgrade.

Here is the first version:


This has be to be the most legitimately creepy Halloween decoration I’ve seen. It’s not over the top ghoulish, and the face looks almost real from a distance.

Here is the new version:


Come on…did that figure really need BLOOD? Now it’s closer to a Halloween superstore item. Do you agree, or do you think the blood works?

Peeping Thomas Vampire


3 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Peeping Thomas Vampire”

  1. Yup. The second one is dumb. I guess they decided the first one was too realistic! *rolls eyes* Heaven forbid people actually get scared! Look up grandin road peeping tom. Hah hah hah.. that’ll scare the poop out of anyone!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I agree, the earlier one is much better. I think this is fixable with a bit of makeup or paint to cover up the blood. Thoughts?

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