Nanami Cowdroy

Nanami Cowdroy creates gorgeously detailed, lively monochromatic paintings.


Her pieces are whimsical, elaborate and imaginative, often combining mismatched elements.


She was born in Sydney, but has also been deeply influenced by her Japanese heritage. The magic happens where the two intersect.

From the artist bio:
Referring to Tokyo as “a big concrete mass,” she says she finds the lack of space and the size of its population ultimately incredibly inspiring. “What could be viewed as ‘ugly’ like tangled up power lines, cramped alleys and gritty streets, I feel has it’s own ‘raw’ appeal … as it’s not trying to cover up anything.”


In contrast, Sydney is her complementary muse and a fitting balance to the mega metropolis of Tokyo. “We’re lucky to have such great open spaces, and leafy areas in and around the city. It’s not that hard to find a place to sit down and take a break, or catch a breathe away from the concrete shadows.”


We also see fish and sea creatures recurring in her work. Cowdroy sees them as the ultimate embodiment of contrast; “elegant and quirky, delicate yet spirited.”


Nanami Cowdroy


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