Christine McConnell: Deceptive Desserts

Deceptive Desserts is a new book by the amazing Christine McConnell.

Look at this nice, healthy bowl of fruit:

PSYCH! It’s cake! Sweet, delicious cake. It still counts as healthy because it looks just like fruit though, right?

Check out McConnell’s amazing images (including sneak peeks into the book) here.

Deceptive Desserts


6 Responses to “Christine McConnell: Deceptive Desserts”

  1. Sneaky way to get your five a day!

  2. Exactly. If it “looks” healthy, who are you to tell me it isn’t. Hehe.

  3. Well you know, I always say “my favorite fruit is pie”, and technically it is a fruit. RIGHT?

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Oh my goodness, YES! Totally counts. I actually adore those disgusting fried fruit pies (pretty much the worst thing a human can eat…but I love ’em anyway).

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