Caitin Stickles

Today, on her birthday, I want to pay tribute to my dear friend, the ethereal muse Caitin Stickles. The kind and talented Jo David introduced us because (having also weathered many challenges) she’s a perfect fit for my upcoming Kintsukuroi book.

(Warning: NSFW artistic nudity below, so please scroll accordingly).


Caitin is a prolific model, who has turned her own body into an artistic canvas filled with swirling, colorful meaningful designs.



She often posts poetic musings with her photographs:

“i suppose this is a proposal to pose in my own paradox exposed with unbridled composure.”


“forever foreign and a little extrinsic, where to exist is hiding in the mists.”


“im hardly known where i come from, but im running through the cold as im chased by the crows while my fingers are slowly going numb. my years have been spent racing, racing, and racing to catch the sun all the while hunting for a sanctuary to be free of whats next to come.”


Thank you Caitin, for all you’ve brought to my life from afar.


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