Courtney Mattison: Our Changing Seas

This is Colossal posted an incredible new installation by artist-activist Courtney Mattison. It’s part of her Our Changing Seas series, on display at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art through April 17, 2016.

Each sculpture is inspired by sites identified by her hero, marine biologist Sylvia Earl (isn’t it wonderful to see someone list a marine biologist as a hero? There are so many unsung scientists and healers out there!).

Her pieces are designed to bring awareness to what will happen to marine life as tropical sea temperatures rise and creatures are forced to migrate.

Mattison loves coral reefs because they are “exotic, diverse and often venomous” (sounds like a perfect femme fatale). Who wouldn’t love and want to preserve our world’s beautiful ocean friends?

Courtney Mattison


2 Responses to “Courtney Mattison: Our Changing Seas”

  1. Love this! I’ve heard that coral reefs can, in some ways, be considered as one gigantic organism. The idea of a coral reef crawling around like a giant amoeba is very cool!

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