SWS Gift Guide: Fluffy Forehead Fragrance Fabric Water

“Gift guide” is a holiday feature (surprised I haven’t done it already), and technically this probably shouldn’t even count because the company does not ship to the US. But Felissimo’s Fluffy Forehead Fragrance Fabric Water is a very special product.


The chief of Yamamoto Perfumery took four months smelling the heads of cats to perfect the scent of FFFFW, and it retails for about $10.60 USD.


Of course, they recommend using it on Felissimo’s fine array of kitty cushions (which strikes me as the saddest, loneliest…and most awesome activity). I can’t say, with certainty, that I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t have two of the real thing in my home.


What does your cat’s head smell like? I’ll go first. Morbius: laundry detergent, if laundry detergent for cats existed. Nimbus: happiness and faint, pungent litter.



7 Responses to “SWS Gift Guide: Fluffy Forehead Fragrance Fabric Water”

  1. I love this post! My 15 year old kitty just passed away & this made me LAUGH. So, thank you.

  2. Okay, head sniffing completed, Earl’s smells like old age and vintage creepy dolls, Zoose’ smells like sunshine bouncing off the window sill she’s been sitting on, and Brutus smells like catnip addiction.

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