Super Blood Moon

One complication of Lyme disease and other bug born illnesses is the exacerbation of symptoms during the full moon due to the natural cycles of the pathogens. Wondering why my pain levels just escalated from incapacitating to “somebody please kill me!” I remembered that tonight is the SUPER BLOOD MOON.


Not only is the moon remarkably close to the Earth, but there will be a full eclipse. We won’t see another one of these until 2033. You can find incredibly detailed information and viewing times for all regions HERE.


4 Responses to “Super Blood Moon”

  1. That’s so spooky. Are you sure you’re not some kind of lunar mage?

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I seem to be more of an ineffectual werewolf (I feel like my skin is gonna bust off for the transformation, but it never quite does), but sure…let’s go with mage!

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