Stefano Bonazzi

As September draws to a close, I’m always tempted to shift into full Halloween mode (but I try to restrain myself because, surprisingly, not everyone is obsessed with Halloween). Let’s start setting the mood with some evocative photography from digital photography artist Stefano Bonazzi.


These strange portraits traverse the ominous open fields and enclosed spaces of a nightmare world.

All of the characters are masked, mysterious, alienated; they conjure an odd sense of unease in the viewer.

We find beauty, subdued and obscured…

…identities lost…

…a sense of the subject being consumed.

Check out Stefano Bonazzi’s work and feed your nightmares.


2 Responses to “Stefano Bonazzi”

  1. Yikes! They are like those nightmares where nothing specifically horrific happens but everything is drenched in dread.

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