Jon Rafman

Jon Rafman has compiled an incredible collection of Google street view screen captures. This impersonal lens manages to produce still frame slices of life that inadvertently tell stories, ranging from humorous to enchanting, to downright bizarre.

Yes, this is Google street view.

Some glitches produce magical, interdimensional scenery.

Or illusions of characters meeting themselves in strange places.

Sometimes we see wild animals with personality.

Or existential nexuses…

Many of the photos depict crime, prostitution, poverty and varied flavors of irreverence. But they are all worth a look. There’s something fascinating about an indifferent gadget producing art worthy of poignant editorial photo spreads. It just goes to show that art is everywhere. We must remember to keep our eyes open for it.

Jon Rafman

Thanks for this rabbit hole, Casey!


4 Responses to “Jon Rafman”

  1. Thanks for featuring this. I visited Rafman’s site and it’s full of total wft!?! Hard to believe some of these are really google street view, I’m a tiny bit skeptical because you know how tricksy these artists can be 😉 But Wow. I love it!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      So glad you like! And yes, I also considered the possibility that it might be more a “performance” concept than actual street view shots. But I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for the fun of it. 🙂

      • Yes, it’s funny but the more of them I look at, the more I think I’m willing to suspend my disbelief too. You can’t help but wonder though, can you?

  2. That last one is sooooo good!

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