Wild Ones: Insectopia

I’d like to share one of my favorite boards, containing nature photography that will leave you utterly awestruck. You will see outrageous acts of mimicry…


Posing and theatrics…

Unusual coloring…

Creatures that look like they were painstakingly designed and painted by a brilliant artist.




If you click, prepare to spend a little time at the Insectopia.


2 Responses to “Wild Ones: Insectopia”

  1. KEric Andersen Says:

    Stunning selection, Dana, must’ve been boggling to pick which ones to post but you’ve picked great ones. Second mantis is clearly voguing, it’s like, “That’s right, take my photo ’cause I look freaking fabuuulous beotchs!” It is called the Lady Gaga of mantis. Check out the cute tails on the Death Head caterpillars; they go from adorable to doombringers. The painted/rainbow grasshopper is a work of art > https://www.pinterest.com/pin/557953841311992001/ .
    I suspect Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman will eventually discuss if we ever will evolve and mimic insects. Think about it, manipulating our exteriors is already happening; perhaps our DNA will adapt to accommodate our preferences. This post brings to mind recent events and how I’m not really afraid of death, I’m afraid of losing the beautiful things in life. I went from insects to the grave, sometimes I think Poe is channeling me.

  2. Mantises are always so over-dramatic! Oh, and the world can always do with more polka dots!

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