Bailey Henderson

Toronto based illustrator and sculptor Bailey Henderson works in a variety of mediums; oil paint, bronze, resin casting.

I’m partial to her Monstrorum Marines series, which recreates the images of mythological sea beasties depicted on Medieval maps.

Her detail is as fine as the pen and brush strokes on those antiquated documents. Gorgeous.

Her bronze castings are nice done as well.


Bailey Henderson


4 Responses to “Bailey Henderson”

  1. Fantastic! Those old “here be dragons” monsters are so cool but I never really see them anywhere. It’s great to see someone putting them to use at last.

    And that iguana thing is great. The big neck flap looks amazing!

  2. caspa'al the friendly ghost Says:

    LOVE those old-tymey sea monsters!!

    And that OCTOPUS…. stunning!

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