Wyrdwerks Krampus Ornaments

If you’re looking to decorate your tree with Alpine beasts of folklore, Wyrdwerks has some excellent handmade Krampus ornaments.


They come in a few different styles and a variety of colors.

And they are crafted well enough to be genuinely creepy.



2 Responses to “Wyrdwerks Krampus Ornaments”

  1. Hi, A potty break for me. 🙂

    Thanks for your email reply. You probably needed to nap today!! A nap is necessary for your survival of the Ruby great escape and capture!

    These “ornaments” remind me of Christmas so I just had to share!! Maybe this could start a theme tree for me. “Everything that SCREAMS of Christmas”.

    I did think the gummy skull she posted about was interesting. Otherwise, the other posts not so much!!

    I think I may be up longer than a potty break because I have lots to do and my sleepiness may have just been a food coma. 🙂


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