Charm Villa Goldfish Teabags

When I was little, I used to pretend the teabags in my mugs were fish, swirling them through the water to make them “swim” by pulling on the string.

Charm Villa has brought a piece of my childhood imagination to life with their goldfish teabags!


I’m surprised more companies haven’t done this. It seems like the most natural design idea in the world to me!


Charm Villa


13 Responses to “Charm Villa Goldfish Teabags”

  1. strangertobluewater Says:

    This is beautiful!!! It brings back memories of tea with my Nana. We exclusively drank Red Rose tea, because:
    1) It was mad cheap
    2) It blows Lipton out of the water, despite it being inexpensive
    3) Each box came with an animal figurine

    #3 was the most important to me as a child, of course. This is an even better idea and nana would have loved it. Thank you for jogging my memory.

  2. 13hearseman13 Says:

    Very cool. Tea was my grandma’s and mother’s go to. I don’t coffee, but this may make me opt for tea more often. Lovely memories conjured of tea bags drying on the windowsills (which were well stained with tea) in the kitchen, as Grandma was a multi cup per bag thrifty old flapper.

  3. 13hearseman13 Says:

    Yeah, the Wade figures. Never quite heard them paired with a brand. Always see them at fleas and antique shops.

  4. Red Rose still includes a figure in it’s 100 bag boxes. My grandmother gave her collection to my daughter who was fascinated by them as a child. My daughter is 27 and still collecting them.

  5. I can think of about 12 people I would buy these Goldfish bags for. I wish they were available here in the US

  6. Really cool gift. I saw these available on Amazon now with Prime shipping. They’re selling for $50 for a box of 12. Just search for “Charmvilla” on Amazon.

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