Marco Mazzoni

I could have sworn I’d posted about Marco Mazzoni before, but I was thinking of Meghan Howland (another artist fond of painting faces obscured by flowers and birds!).


Oh, he had me at the Tarsier…

…and entwined bundles of wildlife.

I wish there were an artist statement so I could get his take on the subject matter. I’ve had clear images of flowers sprouting from (and/or) covering human faces in meditation exercises, but I imagine Mazzoni’s images have personal meaning unique to him.

Most pieces are done in colored pencil, which allows for a gorgeous softness and makes the vivid colors pop (and sometimes allows eyes and faces to glow by contrast in that I can only call “exorcismal” intensity).


Marco Mazzoni


2 Responses to “Marco Mazzoni”

  1. 13hearseman13 Says:

    Beautiful. To some these floral face meditations would be nightmares, Dana, but in your world I like to think they are glorious.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      It’s a recurring image in my meditation. Flowers and plants spontaneously sprout from all manner of things. It speaks to me of growth and harmony with the universe. I LOVE it.

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