Halloween Countdown: Link Treat Bag, Part 1

I always gather months worth of Halloween items to post, and am unable to fit them all in by the time the big day rolls around. So here are a bunch of assorted goodies!

INCREDIBLE “Crash Landing” Lawn Decorations

Gorgeous Miniature Halloween Village

Giant LEGO Vampire

The Muppets Holiday Haunt Book

Handmade Macabre Shadow Boxes (Thanks for the submission, Janice!)

Haunted Halloween Appetizer Plates

Giant Skull Chair (Thanks, Colleen!)

And a perfect zombie pumpkin by Ray Villafane.


5 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Link Treat Bag, Part 1”

  1. 13hearseman13 Says:

    You please me. I shall permit you to live in the world of the snakes.

  2. Oh I can’t believe I almost missed your Hallowe’en countdown Dana! I love EVERYTHING: The earth-burrower lawn thingie is amazing, and I want to shrink so I can explore the miniature village properly (suitably kitted out with a mini string of garlic and a teeny-weeny wooden stake, of course); I’ve always adored shadow boxes – and what Hallowe’en would be complete without a giant skull chair? But if I had to choose just one thing…… well, I’ve been a fan of Ray Villafane ever since this blog first introduced me to his work. I WANT THAT ZOMBIE PUMPKIN SO BAD! (How is such carving even possible???). Happy Hallowe’en to one and all! -Nx

  3. I love that pumpkin! Straggly hair and everything! Quite the contrast to that orderly, sharply dressed vampire

  4. It’s always a pleasure to show you something you haven’t seen…. which is incredibly hard to do! ;D

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