Halloween Countdown: Vintage Photos

Vintage Halloween is tied for first place in the countdown poll, so I give you these photographs of what costumes and masks used to look like before they were sold in bulk at party supply stores (and made slutty).


Vintage masks are, in some ways, creepier than the highly detailed rubber monster masks on sale today.

What the…?

Note the odd floating head.

Jesus Christ! Eyes…eyes…eyes…

Second one from the left: amazing.

See the rest of the Buzzfeed roundup here.


7 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Vintage Photos”

  1. So true about the masks. It’s not just a demon, it’s a demon in the uncanny valley!

  2. 13hearseman13 Says:

    I don’t think the third one down is supposed to be Halloween. Hey–that’s my Uncle Mort!

  3. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Wonderful! Is that a floating head, Dana, or somebody just shorter than me?

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