Matthias Haker

Matthias Haker has all different types of photography in his portfolio, but I’m particularly fond of his HD (often panoramic) images of decay.

This perspective reminds me of sacred geometry; the spirals found in the Nautilus shell and other natural forms.


The colors manage to be both vibrant and soft, in stark contrast to the harsh toll nature has taken on these abandoned ruins. Beautiful…
“Auditorium”. (Photo by Matthias Haker)


Matthias Haker


4 Responses to “Matthias Haker”

  1. bettiemuldoon Says:

    That theatre, and the green room…

  2. I’ve always loved decay, there’s a strange liveliness to it. The decay of buildings and other man-made structures is particularly cool when it involves plants and trees taking over the place. It’s a strange kind of decay that has a forest at the end!

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