Naomi Kizhner: Energy Addicts

Naomi Kizhner has designed a parasitic series of jewelry. These creatures of metal and glass (in theory) feed off the energy of those who wear them via pincers that reach through the body into the spine where they draw upon electrical nerve conductivity.


The line will not be going into actual production (I’d say this is fairly obvious, but one never knows in this society. Most of us already encounter plenty of welcome parasitism from mass produced objects).


See more here.


9 Responses to “Naomi Kizhner: Energy Addicts”

  1. Strangertobluewater Says:

    Are these actually “installed” in the wearer? I can’t tell from the images.

    This is a far more aesthetically pleasing idea than my rife machine, radiation hormesis stones, and negative ionic energy amethyst mat. *sigh*

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      We need little critters like this that SUPPLY energy, rather than feed on it. And yes, some of these “plug in” to the skin.

  2. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Interesting concept–taken as “realised” devices which are props for the mini film. The “jacked in” needles freak me out a bit, but Strangertobluewater, I think are just placed to give the impression that they are inserted. At least, I like to think that! Needles. no thank you.

  3. Yeek! Am I the only one, on seeing that first image, who is inexorably reminded of the classic 1958 British horror movie, ‘Fiend Without a Face’?:

    Or at least the ‘Buffy’ homage, ‘Bad Eggs’?

    Just me then……. 😉 -Nx

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