Isaac Cordal: Cement Eclipses

Cement Eclipses is a series of installations in Chiapas, Mexico, featuring tiny skeletons in reflective poses.


Often sharply dressed in the attire of the living, these little characters are contemplative, curious, melancholy…


They hide in tiny crevices, carrying their thoughts and wishes in the often ignored parts of everyday scenery.


Cement Eclipses


4 Responses to “Isaac Cordal: Cement Eclipses”

  1. Adore this concept. It’s really neat how that pretty little weed became a large flower patch that that sad little fellow reposes in. I’m compelled to kneel down and offer my kindness they look so sad.

  2. bettiemuldoon Says:

    I’ve seen the third one down before. Thanks for pointing out the source.

    Reminds me of something. Maybe I watch too many horror films.

  3. Utterly magical, I love it! It’s great how those tiny plants add a bit of contrast and interest

  4. shewalkssoftly Says:

    He incorporates the skeletons so well into the scenery. I, too, love the role of the plants (and they are definitely sympathetic characters!).

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