Afterlife Artwork

Afterlife Artwork sells unique CRUELTY FREE (the artist is very clear that no animals are harmed for the making of any of these pieces) anatomical jewelry, featuring bits and bones of many varieties.

The rattlesnake skeletons look great:

Knowing that these creatures were already deceased is important to me (I get very upset when animals suffer for art of any kind). In this case, these displays become loving tributes to the gorgeous inner workings of our fellow critters. She is making use of that which would otherwise be discarded or rot, showcasing these miraculous tiny bits of nature.

Mini quail heart bell jars:

Starfish and seahorse:

Articulated rat paw:

Afterlife Artwork


5 Responses to “Afterlife Artwork”

  1. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Beautiful. I have always respected the “repurposing” and appreciation of the inner works of animals and the human body.

    As a kid I remember one or two instances where a friend poked apart an opossum or raccoon for the skull or teeth. It was rather nasty. I think it helped form my resistance to doing anything like this myself. Personally I have been asked to pick up flattened fauna for a couple of artists and collectors, but I find the flatlined fuzzies to be a bit too tragic in direct contact before they become a piece of art.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I’m the same way. I just CAN’T. No taxidermy classes for me either, even though they are popping up again in the oddities community.

  2. Bizarrely attractive and straight out of a cabinet of curiosities. Really like some of them. The rattlesnake skeleton necklaces are great and the starfish and seahorse pendants are mystical. Rat paws almost have human quality. Although the chicken head rings on the store site are too much on the gag reflex side, for my taste anyway. Love chicken soup? Then send in 10 Campbell’s chicken soup labels and get a nifty beheaded ring that’s sure to make people hold a crucifix at you !. All kidding aside I’m for no animal cruelty on an intense level and pleases me the artist is humane and even does the nasty deeds herself. Apparently she gets a lot of haters who don’t bother reading and that’s a shame when your trying to be a decent human being. The bee ring reminds when I found a fresh dead bumble bee on my deck. It was beautifully intact and seemingly still alive that I placed it on my kitchen windowsill to admire and honor. For whatever reason it hadn’t crossed my mind to preserve it with polyacrylic or resin.

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  4. I’m amazed at how tiny bones can be. I look at an itty-bitty shrew or the long toes of a tiny lizard and it’s hard to imagine all the bones and muscles and organs working away in there

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