Marcus DeSieno: Parasite Portraits

Marcus DeSieno has created a series of what I like to call Parasite Portraits. It is tempting to anthropomorphize these hungry little creatures, isn’t it?

Big smile…

About the artist: Marcus DeSieno is a native of Albany, New York and is currently pursuing his MFA in Studio Art from the University of South Florida, expected to graduate in 2015. His work is concerned with the history of science and exploration in relation to the history of photography, often employing the use of antiquated photographic process combined with contemporary technologies to engage in a critical dialog about the evolution of photographic technology and the ontological nature of the photographic medium itself.



Parasite Portraits


2 Responses to “Marcus DeSieno: Parasite Portraits”

  1. Top pic is sorta cute for a parasite. Last thing I need is to have feeling for parasites; it’s enough I don’t want to kill bugs anymore even if it walks across my body. When I was kid I anthropomorphized everything and anything. All objects had feelings and I would get sad, if say, my teddy bear was in a dark room or my bicycle was left outside at nighttime, scared and not locked safely in the shed with the other bikes and it’s tool buddies. Yep, slightly nuts I know but I grew out of it…sorta. It killed me when a beloved favorite tree was cut down on my property for safety reasons after Hurricane Irene. I had bonded with that tree for decades of my life. I guess I’m 5% nuts still.

  2. I try to avoid killing anything whenever possible, but that doesn’t stop me itching all over at the very thought of fleas, ticks, and their blood-sucking buddies – no matter HOW sweetly they smile. **Shudder**

    The loss of a tree is a terrible thing. My beautiful old red hawthorn that was brought down by gales a couple of years ago, left a large hole not only in my garden, but also in my heart. Oh, and of course inanimate objects can develop feelings if their child-owner loves them enough!

    Haha – only joking about that last part.

    …probably 😉 😉 😉 -Nx

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