“What is Fashion?” Amazing 80’s Student Film.

This student film is totally radical…tubular…clutch. I forgot how many kids had braces back then…or should have had braces. See some Breakfast Club runner-ups discuss their ideas of what fashion is and what it means to them!

My favorite line: “Ska is from England. It’s kinda like Duran Duran, sort of. But they’re kinda like, mediocre to this. They’re not as intense.” *headdesk*



2 Responses to ““What is Fashion?” Amazing 80’s Student Film.”

  1. OMG!!! I kept waiting for my high school friends to pop up! Notice nobody was texting on cell phones? I personally believe the 80’s was the last true era of pure, untainted innocence when the only thing that mattered was looking cool ( kind of ), your favorite bands and dreaming dreams without an iota of a clue how the real world would take your dreams and crush it.
    Is Lee, or Leigh, the one in the leather jacket, is she a him or is him a she? Wendy looks like she’s from 2014 Downton Abbey. It’s hilarious how every teen generation thinks their so cool until they get older and actually become the adults that are thinking the kids today are freaks.

  2. Hahaha! Sweeeet – and, in retrospect, more than a little scary! I was in art school around that time: Ska briefly, then 2-Tone till I switched allegiance to Celt-punk (which showed you were a ‘Deep and Tormented’ soul, back then. 😉 )

    About Duran Duran I shall say only one thing: I like the name they chose because I have a very soft spot for ‘Barbarella’ 🙂

    I think Lee, or Leigh, is a she, BTW… -Nx

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