Henry Hargreaves: A Trip to the Moon…In Icing

Artist/photographer Henry Hargreaves has combined two of my favorite things: silent films and cake (well, technically cake frosting, but still). He recreated the iconic image from George Melies’s 1902 film Le Voyage Dans La Lune.





The original:

Henry Hargreaves


4 Responses to “Henry Hargreaves: A Trip to the Moon…In Icing”

  1. bettiemuldoon Says:

    A delicious tribute to Georges Méliès. At least it was not done with cheese.

  2. Okay, I’m officially craving junk food!
    Really fun post and the GM video was a pleasure to watch again. It’s interesting how they shoot the bullet spacecraft when NASA is intending to launch their spacecraft using magnetic attraction. Same technology employed in modern roller coaster propulsion. Basically like shooting a bullet.
    Sometimes you’re just in the mood to watch a silent movie or an old movie. I’m a bit partial to the moon because it’s also my zodiac planet. Is that an ice cream cone in the eye I see?! This would be a neat Halloween costume. Just make the head piece and wear a black sheet preferably with stars on it. Also good way to scare the shitz out of someone if you’re willing to have your frosted face poke through a cake while hiding under a table.
    Speaking of silent movies I tend to mute my television (seriously) and stare it dumbly. Reality shows work best for this. Maybe I should reiterate only intelligent reality shows. You start noticing people’s expressions and background scenery much more that audio tends to rob your attention away. Try it. Add a twist, lower the color to black & white to give shows a vintage feel. Works great for holiday movies.
    I wonder how many times Hargreaves licked his fingers between smearing the icing on the subject. His website is really neat. If you keeping refresh his website the header keeps changing from fruit loops, to pancakes, to bananas, to lucky charms, to sprinkles, you get the idea. Kinda got obsessed checking and reading his art. Especially “No Seconds” and “Band Riders”. Interesting interjection that Prince takes B-12 injections – Purple rain, purple rain! – Hey baby, hop on my motorcycle! – This is how it sounds when doves cry.. Sorry, had a 80’s brain fart.
    Now poor Dana’s trying to figure out if my blatherskite she just read was somehow drug induced. 🙂

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Quite the contrary, KE…this paragraph is a perfect example of why you don’t need drugs. Love it.

  3. ~meredith Says:

    What a great montage. I loved the original… this is so cool! Thanks for the share. Meredith

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