The Lost Tarot

Here is yet another gorgeous tarot deck, a bit out of my price range, that I find very interesting: The Lost Tarot

The use of skulls and skeletons is lovely, and the soft color scheme is quite unique (click image to enlarge a bit).

Hopefully one day this deck will be part of my collection!

I also recommend checking out the other categories of art on Dominic Murphy’s site. There are treasures to be found there!


The Lost Tarot


3 Responses to “The Lost Tarot”

  1. Very cool tarot cards. I love bold rich colors but the soft colors/white washed scheme I particularly do like; giving an antiquated feel of exposure to sunlight and elements, minus the destructive derivatives. Dominic Murphy is one of my favorite new artists: bizarro and nefarious with dashes of death, all equating to a sensible theme that doesn’t blur the mind. Love the ravens/ crows he interjects and, of course, the skeletons. I tend do think we have seeded love for them because we are, after all, skeletons ourselves under all this man flesh.

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  3. maurnas Says:

    These are beautiful! I have a set that is very cheerful and colorful because I am so picky.

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