Katerina Plotnikova

Katerina Plotnikova has an awe inspiring collection of nature photographs that show a profound connection between man and the animal kingdom.


I believe this work is done under the supervision of qualified animal trainers, but is entirely real and involves very minimal retouching in post production. While I do love some amazing modern surrealist photographers, there is something raw and stirring about the relative lack of digital manipulation.


Animals can be such a beautiful healing force (during my long hospital stays this past year, I was happy to see animal therapy becoming mainstream). I look forward to returning home to NY when more medically stable, so I can be around cats again…and my loved ones can laugh at the absurd languages and songs I inevitably invent the moment I’m put near fuzzy things.




Katerina Plotnikova


4 Responses to “Katerina Plotnikova”

  1. The last one with a bear is a bit scary, but the ones with reindeer are really lovely and cute! All the reindeer I’ve ever met have been semi-tame (up in Lapland) and can be really friendly with people, as long as you remember to watch out for the antlers… I wouldn’t try to hug one I’ve just met, though 😀

  2. They look very mystical. Quite Celtic, too!

  3. So spellbinding, really warms my heart to view imagery of animals and humans tenderly at peace, bonded by the unity of the most powerful emotion: LOVE. Animals know love and they know tenderness, just like they know pain and brutality. If they didn’t, that model could never get that close to that grizzly, trained or not. As you know, I have trusted connections with the deers, raccoons, foxes, coyote, crows, and even 500 pound black bears that roam my surrounding property. I’ve gained their trust and hand fed wild raccoon families, up to 15 deers and bucks, and even a big black bear who liked bird seed in his PB&J sandwiches. I did this by showing them respect and tenderness, and animals instinctly know if you’re being genuine about becoming their trusted friend, or acting out a trick to kill them. Would I go up to a thousand pound grizzly in Alaska? Absolutely not, I’m not stupid, just awesomely bonkers. 🙂
    ~ I know how much you’re missing your cats’, Dana. I start missing my 3 furry kids after one day. And about the cutesy talk, I think it’s going to be a tie between us, I can make someone gag.

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