I Don’t Get Fashion: Crazy Runway Looks

I do understand the impractical nature of runway creations, and can appreciate the artistry of the moving sculptures on the catwalk. But some designs are just ULTRA absurd. Here are a few:

I’m refraining from commenting on each one for fear the sarcastic overload would break the internet.




This next one is my favorite. It’s really…something…isn’t it?



Which one is your “favorite?”

See a few more here.
Thanks Eric!


13 Responses to “I Don’t Get Fashion: Crazy Runway Looks”

  1. Carrie Filetti Says:

    I think designers do this to models just to make fun 😉

  2. Wow, so much I like! That glove-scarf is something I’m now considering to actually make and wear; I love the elephant head with the classy grey suit, I’d totally wear dead muppets and the last one is just wonderfully alien. I need to bookmark this for future craft purposes.

  3. I wonder if any models that have to wear this type of display say to themselves, “what the f am I wearing? I’m glad I’m getting paid for this but it’s still sort of embarrassing.” Or something like that. LOL

  4. Wa-hahahahahaha! Sublime. (Wanna Kermit cloak) -Nx

  5. You just know cocaine is involved in all this. Actually 5, 6, n 8, looks like it would adapt to a Tim Burton world quite fittingly, pardon the pun. If you keep scrolling up and down systemically gazing at the pictures, your blood will begin to run cold and you’ll start hearing oompa loompas’ sing with David Bowie. You know the cologne Bowie wears is called Minotaure, with an e. Who knew?

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Viewing these gives one the actual experience of being on drugs (or what I envision it would be, anyway).

  6. Lordie. I actually like that elephant one, it’s a weirdly sinister presence. But these things are completely barmy. When on earth did fashion shows start doing this kind of thing?!

  7. Lady gaga made that Kermit look famous YEARS AGO. And I must say, it’s similar to the look I copywrited back in the fall of 2013 called “damn yo” which consists of me standing outside in my pajamas at 7:20am waiting for the school bus to pick up my six year old. Rather than couture Kermit-the-frog puppets attached to my outfit, it was outfitted with coffee stains, oatmeal smears and a fair measure of postmodern exhaustion. Art is art. I dare not judge.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      See? You pioneered “damn yo!” Clearly, you’ve been ripped off by the fashion industry, but such is the case with all great art.

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