Hannah Faith Yata

Perhaps I’m lured into Hannah Faith Yata’s work by my Piscean tendencies. Many of her paintings depict odd subjects; half fish, half human or animal, interspersed with the natural world an industrial elements.


I love the way she takes creatures apart in beautiful slices and spirals, and they simply merge with the either, sans blood and guts.

Artist statement:
I make art inspired by everyday life: ideas on things that I see, I read, and documentaries that I obsess over. When I first moved to New York it really hit me how much garbage we generate. I grew up in the country sides of the southern United States where I was always surrounded by nature. Therefore, when I moved to the city I was mind blown by how much trash is generated and how many things are consumed. This motivates me to dig into large amounts of research on things that we do to ourselves and to our environment or order to sustain our standard of living. The pictures that began to form in my mind were ones of domination over nature, the struggle of animals in a changing world, and the effects of a changing world on the animals and humans. Women became the metaphor for mother nature as wild and sexual thing exploited and explored in my work, and animals became the subjects of examining abnormalities and evolution. Taking ideas that I had learned from ideas on feminism, I began to draw parallels in our ways of controlling and objectifying women to how we also think about the earth and it’s resources therein.


Hannah Faith Yata


2 Responses to “Hannah Faith Yata”

  1. For some reason I find these images particularly unsettling (which is a good thing; we should all step outside our comfort zone occasionally, imo). They’re beautiful though, and very accomplished – as are her tiny, delicate, pencil and watercolour sketches. Lovely! -Nx

  2. Okay, here’s the thing. I began examining the artwork before reading the artist’s statement below. I was completely lost in meaning. Pretty colors and what the hell? I was thinking. Than I read it and it made perfect sense: The hidden agenda of insufferable human ignorance inflicting nature, the innocent sufferer. That first pic is amazing, really, the detail in the fish and that rust-amber-gold color – Gorgeous! The tortured cats are disturbing, but I guess it’s supposed to raise my alarm.

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