Kellie Strom: Worse Things Happen at Sea

Worse Things Happen at Sea is a collectible booklet by London based artist Kellie Strom (what a great title!).

If it were not double sided, I would think this suitable for framing in a very long frame.

From the source: “Worse Things Happen at Sea” is a double-sided panorama chronicling mythical maritime adventures. From a more modern tale of a massive squid pulling a plane out of the air with its monstrous tentacles to the classic image of vikings beleaguered by strong storms and ferocious dragons, Strøm uses his serious illustration chops to recreate the mythical world his imagination seems to innately conceive.


Worse Things Happen at Sea


3 Responses to “Kellie Strom: Worse Things Happen at Sea”

  1. Fantastic concertina book, and yes, that title/ cover is great. What a diverse, exceptional artist / illustrator and his technique and rich colors couldn’t be better. He’s also a fellow Norseman, so naturally I tip my sword and shield.

  2. Oh I adore fold-out books! This one would really lend itself to framing, wouldn’t it? But I’m afraid you’d have to buy two copies and two frames – one for each side. Then of course a third copy to keep in book form. Oh dear…

    I’m not familiar with Nobrow, but they produce some really interesting sounding books. Gotta love any publisher who’s titles include, ‘Neurocomic’ – a graphic novel about how the human brain works. -Nx

  3. I want! (goes scurrying off to seek a copy…)

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