Tacky Taxidermy Week, Day 4: Shock and Dread








crazy dog




4 Responses to “Tacky Taxidermy Week, Day 4: Shock and Dread”

  1. This is Amazing! Thank you…I think 🙂

  2. Oh look, that nice monkey decided to jam his eyeballs into that pussycat’s fangs.

  3. Good grief! That bulldog/piglet um… grouping… is on sale for 6,500 GB pounds (nearly 11,000 US dollars). Now that really IS shocking 😉 -Nx

  4. So much horror! That opossum thing was a bit horrid but that bulldog! I remember coming across the Guinness Book of Records website and they had a man who could do that with his eyes on the front page. I do not like it at all.

    The leopard actually looks really good, were it not for that gruesome death in its mouth.

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