1972 Mattel Saucy Doll

In 1972, Matell release a the “Saucy Doll;” a little lady who makes strange faces when you lift her left arm (which, arguably, anyone would).


Judging from this video, it takes quite the effort to get these funny faces to happen (that’s a lot of arm lifting), and most faces can accurately be subsumed under the header of “drunk and disorderly.”



5 Responses to “1972 Mattel Saucy Doll”

  1. bettiemuldoon Says:

    If I had one as a kid I probably would have ended up normal. Glad that I missed this one, but what a great doll to look back at in obscura!

  2. Strewth! You’re right Dana, she definitely looks more sauced than saucy – it’s like Chucky found his way into the drinks cabinet. **Shudders** I may just have to check under the bed tonight…… :-O -Nx

  3. Put a tiny beer in its hand and call it, Saucy Doll Gets Smashed.
    Put a tiny hammer in its hand, fake blood on its forehead, and call it, Saucy Doll Beats Herself Dumb.
    Put a tiny joint in its hand and call it, Saucy Doll Gets Stoned.
    And with its hand displaying the devil sign, it could be called, Saucy Doll Gets Possessed.
    Basically, it’s a great doll to teach kids the ramifications of doing stupid stuff… or at least until they become adults. Because we adults are the biggest hypocrites.

  4. Personally, I think she looks like she’s having a stroke

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I own two of these dolls and I love them to bits. I see them as having tons of personality. Unlike other dolls.

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